Pickleball Court
A pickleball court is 20' wide and 44' long. There is a non-volley zone (kitchen) that extends 7' from each side of the net. The kitchen line IS part of the kitchen. There is a service area split down the middle from the kitchen line to the baseline. The net is 36" high at the sideline and 34" in the middle.  The recommended buffer zone for a court is 30' x 60'; 5' outside each sideline and 8' behind the baselines.
Layout a new pickleball court
Click here for all the measurements you need to layout a pickleball court.
Paint/Tape/Chalk on a Tennis Court
Click here for instructions to quickly layout a pickleball court on a tennis court.

Even More Info

If you are looking for more information, USAPA has a lot more details HERE.